The Makery Design Center

Welcome to everything you need to know about our NEW Design Center!

This Design Center has been a dream of mine since opening the DIY Studio in 2015. I really wanted a place where you could come in on a whim or last minute and paint a wonderful sign for your home while spending time with your friends and family. We are open 5 days a week(M,W,F,Sat,Sun), and no reservation is required! Although, we do recommend you call ahead to check availability because we can only accommodate up to 12 guests at a time. Please be aware of the small space and limited parking when planning your trip to come visit us. 

Custom Designs: We are unable to do custom designs IN STUDIO but if you email our graphic designer in advance before you come in, we can absolutely do one for you. Rachel's email is Please not a $20 custom design fee will be applied. 

Different Size: If you're interested in making a different sized sign (smaller, bigger, square, etc.) we will now be able to do that on-site as well. For the larger sizes, you may need to come back so we can send out for your stencil, but we have a quick 3-5 business day turnaround. 

Pricing: We want this to be a truly unique and relaxing experience for you, hence the smaller group size. Therefore, prices will reflect this atmosphere. Please contact us with pricing inquiries. 

Private/Public Parties: This new Design Center will not currently be able to accommodate large private parties but it it's the perfect venue if you have a smaller group of 3-4! We will still be hosting 2-3 PUBLIC workshops at the DIY studio if you have a larger group. As always, if you have a group of 12+ we would love for you to have a private party at DIY studio and our Project Manager Katie can get you on the schedule.




The Design Center will be located in the New Maxi-Space Center next to Arco near the Steele St. exit by the 512 Fwy. 

11105 Steele St. S Unit 115                     Tacoma, WA 98444




Monday: 10-2

Wednesday: 10-2

Friday: 10-8 (last walk-in at 7:00pm)

Saturday 10-8 (last walk-in at 7:00pm)

Sunday 10-4


Age Limits

Kids and adults of all ages are welcome. Similar to our DIY studio, you will be asked to sign a waiver in order to participate, and all kiddos must be accompanied by an adult.